Safe and Sound with LEA care robot

Safe and Sound with LEA care robot

To develop the LEA care robot, we’re working with Robot Care Systems on the care of the future. The traditional walking frame is making way for robot technology. LEA is a new archetype: a mobility robot for the home that helps the elderly (and disabled) to stay fit, active and independent.

A new definition of care for the elderly

Prior to this challenging project, we helped TU Delft and Robot Care Systems to define the use of robot technology for care for the elderly and to identify target groups. We came up with the LEA (Lean Empowering Assistant) care robot: a product for elderly and disabled people that can replace human care.

Winning trust

Despite the high degree of functionality and technology, the LEA must not look intimidating. It is a personal product, so we’re doing everything possible to win the trust of the user. Safety, functionality and reliability must work together to make LEA a successful care partner. Remi Veenman: “Just like a car, all the components must fit together seamlessly, all the industrial design aspects come together. Based on the briefing on technical and functional specifications of clients, we have developed both the look-and-feel and the mechanical design for the complete exterior and interior assembly. During the development, we worked closely with Robot Care Systems and suppliers to align all aspects of the design.”


LEA has a great deal to offer: she helps older people to maintain a daily routine, reminds them to take their medication and to keep in touch with family. But LEA also helps them to stay fit and healthy with a walk, a dance or exercises. So, this all-rounder requires careful cooperation during its development. Puck: “By maintaining structure in the information flows, we can maintain an overview. By doing this, you stay flexible and efficient and you can keep momentum going in this complex project. With feedback from various therapists, we are able to understand how LEA functions in practice.”

See LEA in action? Watch here
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