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SecuLink: emergency phone

SecuLink: emergency phone

Older people who require care are now living independently for longer. It’s important that an older person can easily contact a care facility from home. With Alphatronics, we’ve developed an emergency telephone that meets the needs of today’s elderly people.


Although there is complex technology on the inside, we made it really simple for the user. There are only three buttons. The alarm is activated with the big red button; this establishes a digital talk- and listen connection with the care centre. Pressing the green button indicates that everything is well and no further care is needed. The third button is used to dial a pre-programmed private emergency number.

No stigma

While users need the alarm function, they certainly don’t want a stigmatising product in their house. We developed a clear, intuitive interface with an attractive and stylish design that is quiet and modest, compact and friendly. As a result, the Seculink care telephone fits well in the home.

Safe and functional

With LEDs and light guides we created illuminated icons on the buttons, so that the telephone is also easy to use in the dark. We integrated a high quality loudspeaker for good intelligibility and high volume. A replaceable battery ensures there is always power in an emergency. The care telephone communicates through VoIP or via the optional GSM plug-in module.

Streamlined and durable

We opted for one type of plastic for the casing – including all the translucent elements. The whole thing is assembled using just two screws. This makes the production quick and efficient, and recycling simple.

The emergency telephone is developed with Alphatronics BV, part of the TKH Group.