SAM: The all-round security robot

SAM: The all-round security robot

This innovation redefines cooperation between human security guards, cameras, smoke alarms and alarm systems: security robot SAM - Secure, Autonomous and Mobile - is available and alert 24/7. A wonderful example of future human-robot collaboration.

New construction

Robot Security Systems (RSS) asked us to analyse the current design and lower the costs. We saw a chance to make gains during assembly by taking a completely different approach to the construction. We devised a powerful structure at the core of the product and then built the robot’s intelligence (electronic components) around this core. This results in a significantly reduced assembly time, and a positive effect on downtime during maintenance.

Dynamic security

SAM offers dynamic security through its autonomous signalling of irregularities. He avoids obstacles, takes the lift, and opens doors automatically. In addition to the many standard sensors, there is also room for customer-specific add-ons.

SAM has a recognisable front and back and a slightly forward leaning housing. This way, users knows how to communicate with the robot and SAM has a tough and pro-active attitude. Thanks to its graphics, with go-faster stripes, arrows and orange accents, he is perfectly suited to the security world.

An extra pair of eyes

SAM communicates via lighting on its front and back: a friendly green light when the coast is clear, and a dangerously flashing red one if something is amiss. This way he can reassure people or warn them. SAM can talk and establish an audio and video link with a control room.

So, a loyal friend has been created that can provide companies with an extra pair of eyes. Together with RSS, we’re helping companies monitor their assets 24/7.