Smart-built particulate matter filter

Smart-built particulate matter filter

The technology appeals to the imagination: an electric field that attracts and removes harmful particulate matter from the air. StaticAir in Geldermalsen markets this patented technology in light fittings on lampposts (or other poles) that are hung in areas where there is a lot of particulate matter. StaticAir asked Spark to revise the existing design of their Pamares (Particulate Matter Reduction System) in various respects.


Spark’s project leader Wichert Put explains StaticAir’s request: “The new model must be affordable and easier to construct and install. The old, functional model that they worked with was very laborious in terms of pre-assembly and installation.” In addition, design was also, of course, a point of attention.

Eureka moments

The particulate matter filter basically consists of four dust collectors – elongated plates, each with a corona wire that generates the electric field under high voltage. The four collectors are mounted around the pole and fitted with slats to protect the corona wire.

As is often the case, Spark’s integrated approach – in collaboration with product designer and former colleague Imre Verhoeven – was decisive for the end result. By choosing for four instead of the original three collectors, the particulate matter filter is smaller, more compact and simpler to assemble and install. Put: “That was a eureka moment.”

And there wasn’t just one eureka moment. “In the end, we were able to design the particulate matter filter in such a way that it’s production only requires the injection-moulding of two plastic components. In addition, we have pre-formed the dust collectors, That way, they can be transported efficiently and they can be folded and subsequently mounted on the poles on the spot with minimal effort.”

Positive surprise

Piet-Hein Bruinsma, director of StaticAir, share’s Put’s enthusiasm for the well-thought-out construction and installation method. He sees the collaboration as a success: “Spark’s technical ability, their fresh look and their broad orientation has been a positive surprise. I always find everything too expensive, but in this case, we really have got value for money.”