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Smart city lighting: Alexia

Smart city lighting: Alexia

Alexia is a smart luminaire and, after Anne, the second ‘smart city solution’ that Spark has designed for Sustainder. The innovative Dutch brand asked us to develop a whole family of street-lighting fixtures in a short space of time.

Busy roads  

Thanks to its rectangular lighting panel, Alexia is extremely suitable for busy roads. In this way, the luminaire differs from Anne, which, thanks to four, individually controlled elements is ideal for residential areas and squares. Because Alexia is largely constructed from one aluminium sheet, the costs remain relatively low. The LED lighting ensures it is an energy-saving product.

Smart cartridge system

Alexia and Anne are both remotely controlled via an API and respond to their surroundings. They make use of a unique cartridge system that incorporates space for various sensors. Think, for example, of measuring particulate matter. The cartridge system ensures a future-proof design, which is easy to expand with new technology.

Rounded curves

Spark designer Antony Weinbeck: “The luminaires have friendly, rounded curves and above all no aggressive lines. People recognize it as a luminaire and, in any case, it does what people expect it to. This means the fact that the lighting fixture can do much more, will be accepted faster.” 


Sustainder has won a German Design Award with the smart luminaire Alexia, designed by Spark. From more than 5,000 entries in various categories, the jury chose the smart city hub as winner in the Product Design discipline under the Lighting category.

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