Smart city lighting: Anne

Smart city lighting: Anne

Sustainder is an innovative Dutch brand that provides smart city solutions. Sustainder wanted to return to the heart of the smart city with its new street lighting: you can better manage and control a city with intelligent products.

Adjustable intensity

Anne is much more than energy-saving LED lighting. She can be controlled remotely via an API and responds to her environment. Anne’s four sides can be controlled independently of each other: that way, the light to a house can be dimmed, while a footpath can be illuminated for a passerby.


There’s even more of Anne’s intelligence to be found in 4 interchangeable elements that can be individually controlled. This interchangeable cartridge system provides space for different sensors. This creates the possibility to perform all sorts of measurements, for example, traffic intensity or particulate matter. New needs can be responded to by simply changing the cartridge. And it’s easy to upgrade to new smart technology.


Thanks to the modular construction, Anne has become a flexible IoT product, and a perfect platform for future solutions. This means Anne is more than ready for the future that Sustainder and Spark have in mind.