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The power of now: PowerBar

The power of now: PowerBar

What do all innovative devices and smart electronics have in common? They need to be recharged using a cord. And that’s where it stops in terms of innovation, because the standard power strip has remained virtually unchanged for years.

Energy needed?

We are using ever more compact, electronic products. Think of smartphones and tablets, but also of the smartwatch and speakers. They are usually sleekly designed devices, unlike the big, clumsy power strips that you need to recharge them. Sander Homs from Spark: “We wanted to make something new and for this development we teamed up with Allocacoc: the makers of the renowned and successful PowerCube.”

No more kneeling

We prefer to keep the old-fashioned power strip on a cord hidden. Yet we still need to be able to get to it to charge something. Homs: “The compact PowerBar fits better, in terms of design, with the devices it is providing power for. What’s more, kneeling down to look for the power strip is now a thing of the past: the PowerBar has a clever clip, which is simple to attach, for example, to the desk. This way, you can always get to it easily.”

Less is more

Every millimetre of space has been used on the PowerBar. The result: a super compact power strip. With the version with two powered USB ports, you don’t even need a mains adapter. Homs: “That is really handy if you are travelling. In short, a very functional product with a fresh design. The European version is now available; we are also working on an American version.”