Weighing pallet truck

Weighing pallet truck

Ravas’s new weighing hand pallet truck is virtually indestructible. The mobile weighing system avoids the usual need for pressure sensors in the forks.

Patented weighing system

Spark and Ravas have opted for an innovative approach. The weighing system, a patented concept, is integrated into the top of the pallet truck. The concept emerged from an extensive analysis of the forces in the pallet truck when it is loaded. This way, the forks remain intact and extremely strong, and can keep their normal dimensions. This makes manoeuvring low pallets really easy and keeps the production costs down significantly.

Smart weighing

The weight of the load causes flexion in the top of the pallet truck. A special sensor in the Load Indication System (LIST) measures this flexion to determine the weight. This measurement requires the forks to be at a specific height. The newest pallet truck measures this height using a solid state gravity sensor and gives a reading via the weight indicator.

Function and form

The design of the housing follows the lines of the chassis, making it a natural element of the pallet truck. Due to the absence of protruding edges and parts, the design not only looks harmonious: it also makes the indicator less vulnerable.

A semi-circular metal cap behind the display makes it even more robust. The cap protects the indicator against shifting loads.