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Faster, better, Corrector (G2)

Faster, better, Corrector (G2)

To ensure that patients receive exactly the right medicines, machine-filled medicine bags are checked by a medical scanner, such as the ZiuZ IRIS. If errors are found, the bag is corrected manually and then photographed for verification. Until recently, this last step has been a cumbersome job.

Just not 'ZiuZ'

That happened with the Corrector, a device that had some disadvantages. Spark project leader Hugo Honijk: “You had to position the bag exactly, take a photo with a mouse click, and then hope that the photo had actually been taken. In addition, it just wasn’t a very attractive design. It just wasn’t ‘ZiuZ’.

Satisfying click

In close cooperation with ZiuZ, Spark designed the Corrector G2. While it’s been much improved on a technical level, what’s most striking is the progress in terms of design and usability. Honijk: “We have translated the ZiuZ design language into this design, making the Corrector G2 a genuine descendant of the ZiuZ family. It is robust and exudes quality. It also works better and faster. The user now slides the bag in a single movement over the sloping edge of the plate and takes the photograph by pressing down on the plate. A satisfying click confirms that the photo has really been taken. In addition, we noticed that users often looked for, for example, somewhere to store a pair of tweezers. The hollow top side now provides exactly that.”

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