Meet Marlies: our new industrial designer

February 7, 2023

“I like to make things visual as quickly as possible”

Marlies Moltmaker finds all phases in the design process interesting, but her goal is to make it as visual as possible: “A sketch, a 3D model or a prototype; they are all ways to visualize an idea. I try to apply it in designing as quickly as possible; I’d like to call myself an 'Image maker'. It ensures that an idea doesn’t float in the air, but that you can stand around it with a group and point at it. It gives everyone a clear picture of what you are doing. You can touch it, and you can act on it.

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Ever since my application procedure, it felt very familiar at Spark. I immediately felt at home in the team, because of the shared enthusiasm for design and the drive to make good products. I started in December, but it feels like I've been walking around here for months.

In-depth knowledge


I am an integral designer. I like to experience the whole process with all the different skills. Concept development at the front, technical development in the middle, to finally deliver a ready-made product. And in this process there is so much to learn at Spark. I am impressed by the substantive specializations of all team members. Everything shows that there is a lot of in-depth knowledge about product design here, and I prefer to learn everything.

Always looking for improvement


My goal is to one day be at the ISPO (a sports products market in Germany) with my product; then I can retire. I have always had a strong affinity for sports and see many parallels between sports and design. Athletes and designers are similar types; they are curious, solution-oriented and always looking for improvement.


Personally I’d like to kitesurf, climb and mountain bike. Landing a trick, climbing a route or cycling a route feels like a problem you want to solve. It gives me the same feeling as when you come up with a cool solution.”