Help in the battle against corona!

Help in the battle against corona!

Ready-to-make protective eyewear for healthcare professionals.

27 maart 2020

Eagerly looking to contribute and apply its technological skills and sector expertise in the fight against corona, Spark design & innovation made a manufacturing blueprint for protective eyewear used by healthcare professionals. It also found manufacturing partners ready to start production immediately. Moreover, anyone with a 3D printer and/or a cutting plotter can help boost production of the glasses, which are in extremely short supply.

Spark made the design following a request from CLICKNL and the Dutch finance ministry on March 23th. Thanks to Spark’s network contacts in the medical sector, the team was able to act fast and come up with a workable design.

The glasses protect their users from becoming infected with the virus through the eyes. Spark’s design closely follows the eyewear commonly used by healthcare professionals, as not to disrupt their familiar workflow in any way. The design calls for only two parts – the frame and the visor/lens – which are straightforward to produce and assemble.

We are currently working on the last steps to gain official certification and approval for the distribution of large quantities of the protective eyewear. Once given the go-ahead, manufacturers Protolabs and Piant can produce 20,000 glasses within a week and scale up from there.  

You can help too!

Many more glasses will likely be needed, and you can help! Owners of 3D printer or a cutting plotter at home can download the blueprints to make either the frames or the lenses respectively.

The rules

  • Please feel free to share designs and files found below, preferably citing our name or website address where possible.
  • Though we cannot prevent you from using this design commercially, you will need to get it CE licensed before you can do so. Note that Spark cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the sales of these glasses.
  • Do not alter the design in such a way that could legally prevent others from using ours.

The files

The blueprints and files can be downloaded here.

 Spark keeps looking for ways to contribute and put its expertise to use in the fight against COVID-19. Ideas and requests are welcome here.

A pdf with assembly instructions is included in the downloadable files: CDG-A0001 Disposable glasses assembly instructions.pdf

For a complete set of eyewear you will need both a 3D printing device and a cutting plotter or laser cutting machine.

Though the design officially calls for the visor/lens to be cut from PET-G Clear gloss/gloss 0,2-0,3mm, the following materials will work as well:

  • APET or PET-G Clear gloss/gloss film 0,2 mm min -0,5mm max
  • PC film
    0,2 mm min - 0,5 mm max
  • You can also use the fronts of paper binders as long as it is transparent and of good surface quality. Please make sure that the used material does not tear easily after cutting.

The frame should ideally be made from PP or HDPE. The following materials will work as well, according to our experience, but please make sure that the printed frames are not brittle and allow some bending:

  • PLA
  • ABS