True InnovationTM

True InnovationTM leads to great products, a strong brand image and a successful business.

But also because we find it inspiring to challenge each other. Together we work towards ambitious visions, surprising concepts, clever prototypes and the best end product. And we do this with great enthusiasm.

And our clients feel this; the start-up, the SME and the multinational. It’s not for nothing that our clients return again and again with new commissions; excited about the end result and – just as important – about the collaboration.


Meanwhile, we continue to invest in the knowledge and skills that are essential to today’s design process: from strategy to engineering. You’ll find methods such as Lean here. We keep a close eye on developments such as 3D printing. And we recognise the importance of trends like crowdfunding. The complexity of products is increading and the challenges for designers are getting bigger. Our profession is changing constantly. We remain alert and "agile".

The team is at the heart of Spark. Professionals with a track record and ambition innovation and design.

Every team member has his own talents and specialism. Product strategist, concept designer, sketcher, design engineer, CAD-draftsman or model builder. And just as important: we are a close-knit group. We love working together, inspiring and learning from each other. And the creativity doesn’t stop on a Friday afternoon. Whilst one is building a custom motorbike in his free time, the other is a furniture maker, or working on art projects, fixing up old timers or an Olympic career. Full of pride and admiration we follow each other’s work on Facebook.

  • Robert Barnhoorn

  • Bright ideas do fall from the sky. Daring to value them and to feed them well, is the heart of innovation

    Michel van Schie

  • Aline Eikelboom

  • Sustainable mobility, 3Dprinting , innovation and hands-on crazy experimenting and competition engines.

    Antony Weinbeck

  • Brian Khouw

  • Charlotte Blankensteijn

  • From brand identity to physical product characteristics, functional, visual, tactile and auditory.

    Diederik Augustijn

  • Djoeni Volmer

  • Eric Verberkmoes

  • Floor Beeftink

  • Gerben Achterkamp

  • Gert Maass

  • Good knowledge of product-user interactions, production methods and material behavior.

    Hugo Honijk

  • Karien Sueters

  • Kenny Herwegh

  • Maurice van Bussel

  • Remi Veenman

  • Renske Nobel

  • Roel Roskam

  • Designing smart well thought products. Always trying to stay ahead of competition.

    Rogier van Rossen

  • Ruud Schatorjé

  • If you pay peanuts you get monkeys

    Sander Havik

  • Taking time to live life will inspire your work!

    Sjoukje Versloot

  • Stan van der Meer

  • Stijn Oude Lenferink

  • Wichert Put

  • Yaman Gupta

  • Yuri Knopper

  • Joep van Stijn

  • Matthijs Bult

  • Pepijn Huis in 't Veld

Our building on the Rotterdam Lekhaven was designed by Brinkman & Van den Broek Architects and first used in 1948. You can read wonderful stories about the history of the building and see beautiful historic images at:

Recife, Brazil

Recife is a lively city where Dutch influences dates back to the 17th century. Spark Brazil is located in the hip neighbourhood of Boa Viagem, close to the airport and right on the coast. A small, smart office with great air conditioning. Essential when you’re so close to the Equator.

Spark Clients


IF, Red dot, GIO and Dutch Design Awards. Our work often receives awards.

Design institutes regularly recognise the quality of our work. It feels good to be rewarded for the hard work. An honour that we always share with our clients. Because ultimately we do it together. And it’s not just about the prestigious IF, Red Dot or Dutch Design Awards. We are just as proud of the more specialised prizes, the “Honeywell Human Factors Award” or the “UK independent living design award” and many others. A good designer isn’t afraid to show pride in his work.