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What we do

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We provide new product development

From creating new insights and strategic vision on product strategy, to concept creation, detailed design, product interface and design for manufacturing. We help companies develop their future products. Product development can be a complex and tricky path. We know the way to get there together.

30 years of experience

Proven approach and process

Skilled and talented team

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Focused on our clients' results

Integrated approach

Developing a new product is a balancing act between many demands; fully featured but easy to use, robust yet lightweight, advanced while cost effective. Making multi-disciplinary choices from first sketch to final production drawings requires an integrated approach. At Spark, critical development disciplines like design research, concept design, mechanical design and electronics engineering work closely together. This way, promising ideas are created that are not only a dream but can be made into real solutions for clients and their end-customers.

Multiple disciplines work together

Creating balanced solutions

Integrated design

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Talent, experience & open cooperation

Successful innovation builds on creative co-creation by a well-chosen team of professionals, utilizing years of experience, raw talent and extensive knowledge to the maximum, to come to the best combination of technology, usability and design for each specific product.

Control and flexibility are the key benefits of the direct and open dialog during a project. Clients, end users, experts and Sparkers are part of the team and all are equally challenged to contribute in their strength. The team spirit pulls us through the dynamic nature of the projects and makes sure we reach the finish line!

Our process

After doing 500+ innovation projects it is clear that each challenge needs a tailored process but always follows similar stages. At Spark we call these: Insights & Strategy, Integrated concept, Detail design, Design for manufacturing and Production preparation.

Our professional development process fuels creativity, creates control and limits risks. We continuously evaluate if we’re on track to meet requirements, addressing the biggest uncertainties first to make sure we develop the right product.

Develop the RIGHT product

Develop the product RIGHT