Smart & Robotics

Connecting the worlds of product design, mechatronics and digital revolution.

New technologies and collaborations between different expertise create new playing fields for product innovations. Products are getting smarter, more aware, have more sensors and are more connected to mobile apps, services and eco-systems. We can help you navigate this evolving landscape and create future proof devices and propositions that unlock exciting business opportunities.

Design thinking approach for viable propositions

System level user experience design (on-screen (UI) and off-screen

Seemless integration of look & feel, mechanical design and electronics


Industrial design has moved to the next level, being a hub in the development process, connecting different expertise's and balancing the relation between humans and technology. With the current challenges in the world the integration of smart technology is a vital expertise. Creating easy to use products, optimizing processes, new services and support new business models.

Aligning experts in proven hands-on design thinking approach

Creating connected and automated advanced user-friendly solutions

Future proof solutions for businesses, processes and people

Nobody told me it was impossible, so I did it

Jean Cocteau

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Smart & Robotics


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