Meet Frank and Joep: our new design engineers

January 11, 2024

Wider learning and coming home: Frank and Joep back at Spark

Once you've experienced the atmosphere at Spark, it's irresistible to come back. This is the case for both Frank and Joep, who have returned to Spark as design engineers since November.

Back to the nest

Frank begins: "The first time I entered Spark was in 2011 when I took on freelance projects as a designer for a few years. After running my own design agency focused on mobility, I felt the need to return to a team environment and broaden my career further."

For Joep, it was a bit more recent since his internship at Spark: "Thanks to Spark, I was able to do my graduation project at The Ocean Cleanup after completing my internship. It was a fantastic project and a great conclusion to my studies. Now I'm back at Spark, not only because I know I can learn a lot here but also because the team is just great."

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Coming home

Both men feel that not much has changed. Frank says, "Even though there are new people, the feeling and atmosphere are still the same. It's like I never left. What has changed is the increased professionalism. For example, I now work according to ISO standards."

Joep adds, "For me, it felt like coming home. A warm welcome, and I could immediately get to work."

Healthy pressure

Frank notes, "What I find remarkable about Spark is that the pressure is high, but you don't feel stressed. Deliveries must be made at a very high professional level. But the structure ensures that people still leave at 5:30 pm and have time for their personal lives. We achieve goals under healthy conditions."

Joep shares, "I also really like that the structure is flat. As a new employee, you're not thrown in at the deep end, and you're treated as a full-fledged colleague from the start. You get the chance to take on responsibilities, but the door is always open if you get stuck or have other questions. Being able to approach anyone easily also contributes to the positive atmosphere."


Joep concludes, "At Spark, we create useful products that leave an impact. It could be something significant like new medical innovations or something local, like a project for the city of Rotterdam, where a small change can make a positive impact."

Frank adds, "It really matters. It's not just 'we make a product, and we just make it look nicer or cheaper.' We genuinely create innovation, and that's very cool."

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