Internship at Spark

April 23, 2024

Meet Marsha, Tim, and Christian, our dynamic trio of interns bringing fresh perspectives and curiosity to Spark.

Coming from diverse backgrounds and studies, they share a passion for innovation and a drive to learn.

First up is Marsha, a 24-year-old Master of Technical Medicine graduate. Marsha was drawn to Spark by the opportunity to explore the intersection of medicine and design, seeking to apply her clinical insights to cutting-edge product development. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, Marsha dives headfirst into venture research and ideation, eager to make her mark on the medical design landscape.

Joining Marsha is Tim, 24 and pursuing his Master's in Integrated Product Design, wanted to explore the dynamics of a design agency after gaining experience in the start up scene. He was attracted to Spark's collaborative environment, seeing it as an opportunity to learn first hand about working in a commercial setting. His main goal is to learn how professionals in the field make quick and practical design decisions.

Last we have Christian, a 23-year-oldBachelor of Industrial Design student from the University of Wuppertal. Christian's fascination with the visual aspects of design and brand development led him to Spark, where he's eager to bridge the gap between design and engineering. With a focus on brand DNA and product evolution, Christian brings a fresh perspective to every project.

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Collaborative environment

Their reasons for choosing Spark are as diverse as their backgrounds, but they all share a common goal: to immerse themselves in a collaborative environment where learning is paramount. From Marsha's desire to understand the entire product development process to Tim's quest for decisive design choices, and Christian's ambition to carve his niche in the design world, these interns embody the spirit of curiosity and innovation that defines Spark.

Marsha, Tim, and Christian have found a welcoming environment at Spark, where they've been actively involved in projects since the start of their internship. They appreciate how their contributions, whether it's sketching, designing, researching or testing, are valued by the team.

Open and supportive

One of the things that has stood out tothem is the openness and support they've received from everyone at Spark. Fromleaders to colleagues, there's a genuine interest in their growth anddevelopment. This friendly atmosphere has helped them quickly connect withtheir peers and feel like they belong, making their internship experienceenjoyable right from the start.

Outside of work, they enjoy a range ofhobbies, from urban sketching and radio-controlled planes to swimming andhiking. And yes, they even bond over table tennis during breaks.

With bright futures ahead, Marsha, Tim,and Christian are ready to make their mark on the world of design. Spark is proud to have them on board.

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