Spark designs a revolutionary drinks device for DSM

August 21, 2008

Commissioned by DSM, Spark has designed a special drinks bottle, called the ‘Excellerator'. Spark's concept for the drinks device is a tangible interpretation of DSM's vision of "personalised nutrition". The Excellerator has been specially designed for DSM's new sports recovery drink PeptoPro, which is supplied to all Dutch Olympic athletes.

Spark DSM bidon Jeroen Sluijter Beijing 2008The Excellerator has 2 compartments which allow the liquids to be mixed during drinking. In this way the athlete can take on board - before, during and after an activity - his/her ideal balance between fluid, carbohydrates and amino acids.
The design and ergonomics of the Excellerator are totally attuned to the needs of the athlete. The bottle sits nicely in the hand, thanks to a gap between the compartments, and it has a striking "holland-oranje" grip. This is made from a special material designed so the name of the name of the athlete can be lasered onto it.
On the basis of Spark's design, ProMolding have carried out the detailing and engineering of the bottle and completed the production of the first series, just in time for the Olympic Games.

Spark DSM bottle concept design