At Spark, we see intense collaboration with a client as an enormous added value

The co-creating client

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Remi Veenman

By definition, a client has unique knowledge and insights; Not only about the market and about the target group, but in particular about their own strategy, ambitions, culture, how risk averse they are, and scope for investment.

Each development process has several decision moments when these insights are at least valuable and often indispensable. And that’s why we operate a method that makes the client a de facto member of the development team.

“Close cooperation is not counter to shouldering the burden. On the contrary, the more closely the client is involved in the process, the better we know how to give them peace of mind.”

The schedule of requirements that is drawn up at the start of the project will often then be developed further in practice. Only an involved client who knows which decisions have already been taken (and why) can make well-informed decisions at the point when we need to get results.


At Spark, we constantly see the value of close cooperation in the long-term relationships that we have with our clients. They’re more likely to contact us, whether it’s about an entire development process or just a small part of it, like certification. The lines become shorter and less formal making every subsequent project more efficient and more enjoyable. They only need to say the word and we understand what the client is looking for, the client increasingly knows what we need to help them, and the collaboration becomes almost intuitive.

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