Meet Max, Art and Mirthe

April 25, 2023

Internship at Spark: What do you want to learn?

Three trainees started at Spark on February 13: Art, Max and Mirthe. In this interview we introduce them to you!

• Art (24 years old) is doing the Master's in Integrated Product Design (IPD) at TU Delft

• Max (23 years old) studies IPO at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede

• Mirthe (24 years old) studies at TU Delft, just like Art IPD

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We often hear 'the great atmosphere' as a determining factor to come and work at Spark. How's that for an intern?

Max: “My experience started at the coffee machine during my application. Everyone was very friendly, and it actually felt good there. People really take the time to teach you things. And working on a project is fun, because you always have the certainty that you can fall back on someone.”

Mirthe: “I also noticed the genuine interest during the conversation. The Sparkers really probed into detail about the projects I had worked on. And everyone is very open”

Art: “The atmosphere at the office is very nice. And it was also well organized throughout the entire procedure.”

And what was ultimately decisive in choosing Spark?

Max: “I came in through a tip from a teacher. What convinced me was the large group of designers who work together on cool products. I thought it would be great to do an internship in such a professional design environment.”

Art: “The way of working really appealed to me. Your own workshop, small project groups and a lot of responsibility as an intern. As an intern you can really indicate what you want to learn, and then Spark will see what they can offer you.”

Mirthe: “I agree with Art. I wanted to work a lot hands-on and get started with prototypes.”

What kind of projects do you work on?

Art: “I'm working on a new project with Mirthe, which I can't tell you too much about yet. But we are prototyping in the engine room."

Mirthe: “I also work on optimizing the Spark website. It is less technical than product design, but I use my design intuition strongly. I put myself in the position of the website visitor and want the process to be as intuitive as possible for the user.”

Max: “On my second day at work I immediately received a whole project that I could work out on my own. So I set to work to initiate the process and to work solution-oriented. I also do a lot of modeling, inventing mechanisms, doing research, making working drawings, a bit of engineering and drawing. I think it's ideal to be able to taste everything.”

How do you like it so far?

Mirthe: “These are intense working days, we get to learn so much. But that's fun. You don't just sit at your desk. You really get to do things if you show initiative. If you show that you want to learn, everyone will give you space.”

Art: “Everyone is willing to help you, and seems to like it too. When I have a question, sometimes 4 different people come up with answers that I can really do something with. Time really flies by.”

Max: “I love being able to design and make things with my hands all day long.”

What's it like doing aninternship with three people at the same time?

Art: “It's super chill that the three of us are together. It's nice that you can discuss and ask questions. That makes you feel less thrown in at the deep end.”

Max: "It's nice because we're going through the same thing."

Mirthe: “I always find it interesting to hear what Art and Max are working on. Nice to learn how they solve things. You also get to know more about other Spark projects.”

What do you want to be when you've grown up?

Mirthe: “I have the ambition to start as an industrial designer, and eventually to grow into a creative director. Chief creativity sounds great to me.”

Art: “I have always done creative things and now I want to become an industrial designer. But you never know how it will turn out.”

Max: “I always wanted to become Willie Wortel (Gyro Gearloose in English). And I still do. I think it would be great to be an inventor, and act like nothing is too crazy. When I sometimes wonder if something is possible, I always think “Why not!”. You just have to figure it out.”

Are you interested in doing an internship at Spark after reading this interview? And are you studying Industrial Design, IPO, Design Academy or something similar? Mail your motivation letter, your CV with your expertise and your portfolio to

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