Product Innovation in a world of A.I. and Robotics

October 23, 2023

The fifth edition or our event Mastering the Elements was a great success!

Product innovation in a world of A.I. and robotics

Received by robot dog Spot, 65 customers, partners and other associates of Spark found inspiration during the fifth edition of our event Mastering the Elements. Guided by three inspiring speakers, we explored the theme of "Product innovation in a world of A.I. and robotics"

Thanks to the masterclasses led by Marlon Drinkwaard from AquaSmartXL, Maarten Sluyter from Loop Robots, Hugo Honijk and Yaman Gupta from Spark, as well as the extensive networking opportunities, attendees left with a renewed sense of inspiration. Visitor Mark Oosterveer from iTanks later shared: "It was once again a top-notch event with fantastic speakers and valuable connections!"

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The role of AI in product development

Sparkers Hugo Honijk, Director Smart & Robotics, and Yaman Gupta, industrial designer, shared their insights into the role of Artificial Intelligence in product development during their masterclass.


"Currently, Generative AI resembles an overconfident intern who believes it knows everything, but frequently makes mistakes."

During an interactive demonstration, they showcased the immense potential of Generative AI while emphasizing the need for critical evaluation. Yaman explained, "In the brainstorming phase, AI generated content can be a valuable source for getting inspiration. During this process AI tools can be used as a creative sparring partner. However, the designer always needs to act as a critical filter for AI as it still isn’t 100% reliable"

Why incorporate AI in product development?

They highlighted four compelling reasons to incorporate AI in product development:

  • Efficiency: Accelerating processes and reducing manual errors.
  • Automation: Streamlining repetitive tasks without human intervention.
  • Data Analysis: Uncovering valuable insights from extensive datasets.
  • Inspiration: Quick exploration of visual design themes


Hugo and Yaman urged everyone to embrace the change, noting that "The true danger of AI is not in its power to outperform us, but in our resistance to unlock its potential."


If you're interested in learning more about the added value of Spark in the application of AI, feel free to reach out to Hugo via