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Meet Tal: our new electronics and industrial designer

December 8, 2022

‘’I love working at the interface of design and electronics’’

Spark is designing more and more smart and robotic products. In order to continue to grow in the future and because we want to continue to expand our knowledge, we welcome Tal to the Spark team. Tal is an electronic and industrial designer. Here he explains more about his role within Spark:

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''I followed an education as an industrial designer, but in recent years I've got my teeth in electronic design. I am interested in how a design comes to life: from a sketch on paper to a physical product. I also like to make a product interactive and use electronics to achieve this. I find it interesting to work at the interface of design and electronics.

Spark was always well represented at my university and friends of mine have also worked at Spark. So when I was looking for a new job, Spark was top of mind. I wanted to work at a design agency with a larger team and designers with different expertise. That's what attracted me to Spark.

Electronics development

‘’One of the things that I will do at Spark is to further set up the electronics lab and represent the electronics development at Spark. I will guide designers in prototyping and I’ll become the point of contact for external electronics development partners.

At the moment I am working on large test setups on the one hand and small tinkering on the other. I am working on a large test set-up in which I am installing a measurement and control system.

In the past few days I have also been working on a very small prototype that had to be taken to a client and demonstrated on site. I am very enthusiastic about the various projects I am working on.

Spare time

Right now I'm reading my third book on mushrooms, which I find really interesting. I also really like board games. My favourites are Dungeons & Dragons and Oceans, a game in which you set up a marine ecosystem.”