The optimal barista workflow

April 5, 2023

''The straight-in portafilter is well thought out, looks good and does what it is supposed to do.''

We consider it important to be involved with the market, users and suppliers of the products we develop. Not only during development, but also after a product has been successfully launched, we are interested in the findings and experiences of stakeholders. We visited Henk Langkemper, founder of Espresso Service West. ESW imports and distributes quality coffee and espresso machines and provides the accompanying technical service. Whilst enjoying a delicious cappuccino, we talked about the straight-in portafilter Spark has developed together with La Marzocco.

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The world of coffee is one of tradition and emotion. Known techniques are further developed and perfected. New innovations really need to add something. Without compromising the quality of the coffee.

Henk: ''The developments in coffee are slowly evolving, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening. The coffee world was very different 15 years ago. Other brands are also innovating, so it's not easy to come up with something new. The straight-in porta filter certainly succeeded to bring something new.'' 


The straight-in portafilter is part of the La Marzocco KB90. This espresso machine is used by professional baristas in several countries and improves barista workflow.

Henk: ''Customers who purchase the KB90 have an affinity and love for coffee. The people who work with this espresso machine are real professionals, the best baristas out there. The straight-in group works really well and fast, you save a lot of time. The movement of the filter is smooth.''


Meanwhile, the straight-in portafilter is used worldwide. Especially in Asia and Australia the KB90 is popular, but you can also find the espresso machine in Germany and the Netherlands. We are curious about how the straight-in group behaves in the field and about Henk's thoughts: ''In the beginning we were hesitant, I didn't expect it to work right away. A big development like this often has many problems in the beginning, but that didn't happen here. The stability and coffee quality are really good. It is well thought out, looks good and does what it is supposed to do. Our customers are satisfied.''