Vivien's Internship: bridging Technology and Healthcare

November 9, 2023

''Spark delves into the mechanics and create prototypes at an early stage, which was something I wanted to explore.''

During the past period, we had intern Vivien Liu (24) at the office. She is pursuing a Master's degree in Technical Medicine, an interdisciplinary joint-degree program offered by TU Delft, LUMC, and Erasmus MC. During her time at Spark, Vivien gained valuable experience in the medical field beyond the hospital setting.

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Passionate about design

"Last year, I completed technical internships, including short rotations in hospital departments where I observed and performed medical procedures. For my internship this year, I wanted to broaden my horizons and gain experience at a company. I had already gained some experience with design in my previous technical internships, and I found it to be the most enjoyable aspect. Design is visual, practical, tangible, and creative, and it greatly excites me.


I first encountered Spark at the Clinical Career Event at TU Delft. The company stood out to me because Spark is deeply involved in the technical aspects of medical equipment. They delve into the mechanics and create prototypes at an early stage, which was something I wanted to explore.

Time for me and my story

When I arrived at Spark, I immediately noticed that it was a completely different environment from a hospital. The building is beautiful and well-lit, and the people were open and enthusiastic. Working in a hospital is hectic, with limited time and high pressure. Here, there was time for me and my story, and there was a genuine interest in what I could contribute. Everyone was equal and very helpful. I received input from all team members.

My assignment

During my internship, I primarily focused on the safety aspects of medical technology. I have substantial knowledge about the interaction of devices with the human body and how they affect the body. This allows me to understand safety risks and what needs to be discussed with the patient. I can brainstorm new concepts and think about how to implement them safely.


Additionally, my frequent interactions with healthcare providers have given me insight into their practices. I conduct user interviews to gather additional information. Consequently, when testing prototypes, I can make accurate assessments of how a device is used.

A unique learning experience at Spark

Spark offered me a unique learning experience by allowing me to develop skills that I didn't possess before. I am accustomed to programming and analysis, but now I experienced working with my hands – not at the bedside, but in the workshop. I received a lot of freedom and room for creativity. It was great to try things out, test them, and see the results.

A recommendation?

An internship at Spark is definitely recommended for students. Spark provides an excellent learning environment for interns and offers a realistic representation of the business world. To truly comprehend the intersection of healthcare and technology, you need experiences in both domains. In a hospital, I am the technical specialist, and at Spark, I am the medical specialist. It serves as a valuable bridge.


In my rare free time, I also cherish other passions, such as ceramics and food. Combining my love for good food with beautiful tableware is delightful. These activities provide me with opportunities to relax and express my creativity in a different way, outside of my technical work at Spark."

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