Vreewijk streetlight fixtures

February 6, 2024

Spark assisted the Municipality of Rotterdam in creating new light fixtures that seamlessly blend the old with the new.

The municipality of Rotterdam is replacing the streetlight fixtures in Vreewijk to restore the characteristic streetscape of the neighbourhood with a new design. The fixtures that are currently in Vreewijk are original to the neighbourhood. However, these fixtures have now become outdated and are in need of replacement. The Municipality of Rotterdam has requested the expertise of Spark to give the Vreewijk luminaire a modern makeover while still maintaining its alignment with the original design and making it more sustainable.

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The new luminaires are modern but still fit within the streetscape of Vreewijk. We assisted the municipality in the design and development of the new fixture to make sure it would be a perfect blend between old and new. The preliminary design of the fixture was translated into tangible parts by applying modern day production and lighting techniques. In various stages of the process, we evaluated the results with various stakeholders like inhabitants of Vreewijk and people from different departments of the municipality. Finally, we realized serial production by leveraging our network of suppliers and refining the design to ensure it is both feasible and manufacturable.