Spark runs brainstorming session for Erasmus University

October 13, 2010

Spark recently ran an evening lecture for the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), a part of Erasmus University. The lecture, which was held in Spark's own design studio, was put on for a group of ten students following the part-time Master's degree at the RSM's Department of Management of Technology and Innovation.

Spark's Director Maarten Wilming and designer Koos Munneke gave a short introduction to the methods for brainstorming techniques, followed by an in-depth brainstorming session. Floor manufacturer Forbo Flooring Systems presented a problem-based case study.

Brainstorm RSMTriggers
During the brainstorming session, Spark made use of the 'trigger-based creation' method. Participants get to see certain triggers which address technological or social developments, and triggers which suggest opportunities and threats in the outside world. It is up to the participants to then generate ideas based on these triggers in order to resolve the case-study problem.

At the end of session, Spark received very enthusiastic responses from the students who took part and the teachers from the RSM. Spark and Erasmus University have both expressed an interest in continuing this co-operation further in the future.

Brainstorming sessions
Spark was a logical choice for Erasmus University as Spark designers have considerable experience in running brainstorming sessions. This is mostly for companies that make use of diverse methodologies. An example of this is identifying new opportunities based on future scenarios. Brainstorm RSMSpark also helps course participants to build simple prototypes during the sessions.

Alongside this, Spark also runs sessions which, for example, highlight the constructive tensions between R&D and product management. Product management demands solutions from the market and R&D offers solutions on the basis of what technology is feasible. In practice, this means that sometimes the two disciplines clash. Devoting attention to this is a way of ensuring that these tensions produce fruitful ideas.