Casserole: even more recognition

Casserole: even more recognition

We had our fingers crossed..and it happened: the “Special Award for Excellence” for the Casserole. Earlier Spark and Iseco received also the Chefs Innovation Trophy and a GIO award for the attractive meal heater.

October 27, 2015

The Casserole won a GIO (Good Industrial Design) award in early October. And during the Dutch Design Week the jury gave us a ‘Special Award’. The Casserole won in the area of Respect, because this innovation contributes to solving a social problem.

Innovative double

Wichert Put van Spark explains: “Together with Iseco we came up with a product innovation, but this also resulted in a social innovation. The meal heater helps to combat malnutrition in the elderly. We are hugely proud of the Special Award for Excellence that we have been awarded for the Casserole.”

Want to know more about this innovation? Take a look at the page about the development of the Casserole.