EasyScan i-Optics finalist Dutch Design Awards

EasyScan i-Optics finalist Dutch Design Awards

The jury of the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) scouted, nominated and then chose the EasyScan as a finalist in the main Product category and in the Best Professional Product sub-category! The international jury of design specialists will decide in October who will walk away with the prizes.

July 12, 2012

EasyScan: fast, friendly eye checks 

The i-Optics EasyScan uses gossamer laser technology to make unprecedented sharp retinal images. What’s more it’s no longer necessary to give the patient eye drops before the procedure. The eye check is faster and more efficient, and the patient can even drive home immediately after the check-up. In addition, the EasyScan provides more diagnostic information than comparable systems. Spark has ensured that the power, quality and precision of the EasyScan is emulated in the design. The selection committee of the DDA: ‘The power, quality and precision is reflected in the design. In addition, the elegant design creates a patient friendly and less intimidating feel’. What’s more, the device is easy for opthalmologists to use.

‘The quality of the work this year remains high’, according to the selection committees, which are comprised of colleagues from the design world, and which judged more than 650 projects for DDA. ‘Even in these difficult economic times, Dutch designers are apparently still able to come up with interesting and surprising concepts using limited resources. The aspiration is clearly visible in the designs of all 27 finalists’.

The selection committees signalled a number of trends. For example, special methods of material use and reuse and an increasing interaction between the design and the environment. But also taking on the challenge of unlocking large amounts of data and a focus on user friendliness and accessibility, especially in designs of a technological nature. Also notable: small, industrial design offices that are coming up with progressive and advanced designs; international fashion brands that have discovered Dutch designers; and the increasing tendency to develop their own tools.

Announcing the winners

We must be patient a little longer though, because the winners will be announced on Sunday the 21st of October 2012 during the Dutch Design Award show, part of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. From the 20th to the 29th of October there will be a special exhibition showcasing the work of all the finalists. In addition, the annual Dutch Design Yearbook, giving details of all the DDA finalists, will be published.

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