Spark at the ESEF 2004

January 29, 2004

Medical innovations and more at Spark design & innovation's exibit at ESEF 2004
Spark design & innovation's stand at the ESEF 2004 tradeshow has a broad selection of products on display. From health sector innovations such as the Futura Shower Seat, the Reflex, the Ort-O-Mate and the Stand Alone to the new Cup-a-Soup dispenser and the AP600 Access Point. And don't miss the revolutionary Carver concept vehicle.

The Futura Shower Seat was developed by Spark design & innovation for Invacare. This innovative shower chair for the elderly or disabled was awarded the 2003 design prize by BNO, the institute of Dutch designers.

The principle feature of the Futura is a fold-down seat that can be extended with a back support, arm rests and leg support. Made from aluminium extrusions and injection-moulded parts, it is fully corrosion resistant. The use of extrusions has shortened assembly time and simplified the construction to the extent that a saving of 40% on the cost price is realised when compared to earlier Invacare models.

Because the seat is only 95mm deep when folded up it is also suitable for use in domestic shower cubicles. The seat has a high standard of construction and will withstand a maximum load of 135kg.

The form is hygienic as it encloses the parts, and the seat is easy to mount on all types of wall.

Reflex: high-low shower-toiletstoel
Developed by Spark for Lopital Netherlands, the Reflex is a new high-low shower-toilet chair, an electronic version of the current hydraulic action Lopital-chair. Innovatienet declared the Reflex chair Innovation of the Week at the end of January.

There is a service panel integrated into the back support which allows the chair to be adjusted to suit individual preferences so as to minimise stress on the back of the carer.

The angle of the chair can be adjusted electronically so that the patient is tilted back slightly making it easier for the carer to look after hair or feet, or for a more relaxing position.

Spark took care of the whole development process from the concept phase to production. Considerable attention was paid to ergonomic factors to maximise comfort for the patient and ease-of-use for the carer. All the electric and mechanical components are safely hidden away and sealed to create a stylish, stigma-free product.

Het eerste gemotoriseerde hulpmiddel bij het uittrekken van therapeutisch elastische kousen, de Ort-O-Mate, is onlangs in NRC Handelsblad genomineerd voor Beste Product 2003. Spark ontwierp dit product voor Eritek International.

De Ort-O-Mate is eenvoudig te bedienen en heeft een compacte, technisch hoogwaardige en veilige constructie. Het basisstation wordt aan de muur gemonteerd. In de kous, aan de achterzijde van het been, wordt een knoop geplaatst waarna er een clip aan geklemd wordt. Door een druk op de knop van de afstandsbediening wordt de sok richting basisstation getrokken.

Met de Ort-O-Mate krijgen de 20.000 mensen in Nederland die afhankelijk zijn van de thuiszorg bij het uittrekken van de kousen, hun onafhankelijkheid terug.

Carver: a car and a motorbike in one
Also on display at the Spark stand is the Carver vehicle concept for Vandenbrink. This aerodynamic hybrid vehicle combines all the advantages of a car with those of a motorbike.