Quid pro quo: a study trip for research

Quid pro quo: a study trip for research

Give a little, take a little. That’s what we thought when Master’s students in Technical Medicine and Biomedical Engineering from the University of Twente asked us to sponsor a study trip to China, in exchange for research. We asked them to examine and deepen our knowledge of the guidelines for ‘Intended Use’.

October 24, 2016

Win-win situation

In the same way as standardization and certification are unavoidable for product design, a crystal-clear description of ‘Intended use’ (the intended use defined by the manufacturer) is essential for the development and commercialization of a medical device. A sharply formulated ‘intended use’ statement is the guiding thread during design and validation, up to and including clinical trials and market introduction.

“Your intended use and indications of use statements are integral to getting your medical device to market. If you want to bypass any hiccups in your marketing plan, you need to understand the key differences between them... ” Mike Drues, Ph.D. President Vascular Science

Sharing expertise is sharing in success

The interfaces between technology and medicine are evolving constantly: as industrial designers, we love nothing more to be at the forefront of this. That’s the reason why we regularly seek cooperation with universities, including the University of Twente. It was a pleasant first meeting with the students of these fascinating study areas.

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