We won: Six Good Industrial Design awards

October 19, 2010

This year, Spark has scooped six Good Industrial Design (GIO) awards; that's double the haul from last year! For us, this is a wonderful recognition of Spark's design philosophy 'True Innovation': major innovation through in-depth product renewal.

Among the prizes were awards for the Optelec reading aid ClearReader+, the Xpozer image-hanging system, an explosion proof control module from Honeywell Enraf, a silent pump for Holmatro, the SecuBike bicycle locker and a series of winches designed for Holmatro.

The awards ceremony for the GIO 2010 will take place next Friday during the opening day of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Optelec ClearReader+Text to speech
Together, Optelec and Spark developed the ClearReader+, a completely new reading aid for, among others, the blind and visually impaired. This device has a unique function: the automatic conversion of printed text into speech. The Optelec ClearReader+ has a simple folding camera arm under which the user can place, for example, a newspaper, a book or a TV guide. After the scan button is pressed, the camera takes a photograph of the text and a couple of seconds later reads the text out automatically.

Floating on the wall
In cooperation with Spark, Xpozer developed an innovative and incredibly user friendly system for hanging up large-format images without a visible frame. The Xpozer system gives a beautiful and professional effect, as if the image is floating on the wall.

Honeywell Enraf Fusion 4 MinipakExplosion proof
Spark and Honeywell Enraf have developed an intelligent explosion proof control module for equipment used in the blending and distributing of fuels and additives. The product meets the highest global safety standards, and can be flexibly applied using modular hardware. Thanks to the user friendly display the system is quick and safe to calibrate and operate.

Silent rescue
Hydraulic tools are vital in rescue operations by the fire service; for example to cut open crashed cars and free trapped victims. Together, Spark and Holmatro Rescue Equipment developed a small silent pump that runs on petrol and delivers hydraulic pressure to control, among other things, hydraulic cutters and spreaders.

Bike locker
Commissioned by BCycle Solutions and develped by Spark, the SecuBike is a bike locker that provides on the doorstep security and shelter for up to five bicycles. Holmatro lierenThe compact bicycle shelter is a simple and honest product, designed for maximum practical use of public urban space.

In cooperation with Holmatro we have designed a new series of winches. When Holmatro introduced these winches to the market in November 2009 it caused quite a stir in the market for marine equipment. The new Holmatro winches are technically superior. This high technology radiates quality. Spark has introduced a design for the winches that gives them a new lease of life and a modern and solid character.