Two at once! A GIO & Special Award

Two at once! A GIO & Special Award

Just like always, the GIO jury starts its deliberations at the beginning of October. The same setting, but, this time, with two new Spark products. In addition to the fact that it remains, very cool to be able to showcase your efforts, it is an honour to receive recognition from the jury for the work we do. And this year, we’ve been rewarded with a Good Industrial Design (GIO) and a Special Award.

November 4, 2016

Special awards

In addition to being recognized with a GIO, our Streetplug entry received a special award in the Functionality category. The winners were on display during Dutch Design Week.


Simple to use and discreet: the charging device recessed in the road offers a solution for the increasing number of charging points. This version fits seamlessly with the parking environment. At the same time, it remains visible and retrievable for users thanks to the attractive LED-lighting and an app.

NOVUM XV series

We firmly believe that the power of design can also be effective at moments when people need a little support. This series of elegant and reliable funereal products, focused on functioning invisibly and inaudibly, ensure innovation in the market and healthier working conditions. De NOVUM XV Series offer an ambiance that is appropriate for such a special ceremony.