Introduction Holmatro DPU 31 PC Duo pump

June 3, 2005

The DPU 31 PC Personal Power® Duo pump was developed together with Holmatro, to meet the wish of a light and quiet duo pump. It can power two hydraulic rescue tools simultaneously.
Holmatro DuopompThe DPU 31 PC Duo pump is extremely user-friendly for both rescue worker and victim, due to its light weight (ready-for-use less than 25 kilograms!), its optimal centre of gravity and its low sound level.

Moreover the DPU 31 is fitted with LED lighting, that illuminates the hydraulic hose connections and direct surroundings of the pump.
Also starting today, Holmatro will fit their hydraulic pumps with a new oil cap, designed by Spark. The cap sports venting and overflow functionality and can be set in a closed transport position with one simple movement.

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