Holmatro launches modular pump line

Holmatro launches modular pump line

This autumn, Holmatro launched the ‘Spider range’ during a spectacular event for dealers. This innovative modular pump line, co-developed by Spark, was very well received. The hydraulic pumps will be used by the fire service in combination with rescue equipment, for example to free people from vehicles.

December 12, 2012

Spark came up with strategic ideas about the makeup of the product line, including the modular concept, and it designed the frames including oil- and fuel tanks, carrying handles and the anti-vibration feet. For Holmatro, the modularity of the product line delivers advantages as a result of the standardisation of parts. With a smaller number of components, a bigger product range can be offered.

 Holmatro Spider range dealerintro  Holmatro Spider range dealerintro

The challenge for Spark was to come up with a smart way of taking a series of engines and Holmatro-developed pump modules, and come up with a line of different end products that meet the needs of rescue workers, using a limited number of components (frames, tanks, handles), appropriate to the character of the products and the Holmatro brand. For this purpose, a series of design concepts were developed.

Frames and tanks
After choosing the design concept that suited the strategic marketing goals of Holmatro best, Spark went on to design the appearance of the final products. A big challenge was fitting the technical components, such as the engines, hydraulic pumps and terminal blocks, into the frames. This also had to be taken into account in the design of the pumps. The handles, the anti-vibration feet, the frames as well as the tanks were designed by Spark and delivered ready for production.

Ultimately, four frame sizes were developed, each with its own character. The makeup can be varied by putting together different modules. Together, all the Spider pumps comprise a family, but they are also convincing stand-alone, logical and market competitive products. The variety of features and options with more or less power, with diesel-, petrol- or electric motors, and versions with or without spool(s).

All of the Spider range’s open frame pumps are robust, ergonomic and reliable products. They are equipped with an iconic frame that protects them from bumps and drops. As a result of the great attention to ergonomic quality in the development process a high level of portability has been achieved. Depending on the size and weight, the pumps can be carried, using the handles, by one or more firefighter. What’s more, the pumps are simple to operate from one side, so that if necessary the pump can remain in the fire engine. With the launch of the Spider range, Holmatro has a product range that suits the needs of the market, with high usability and a powerful appearance. The modular design can be cleverly produced, and existing models can be taken out of production.

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