Lea’s Red Dot Design Award: We told you so!

Lea’s Red Dot Design Award: We told you so!

Care robot Lea recently won a Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious awards that an agency like Spark can win. Extra special is that we won it (and other prizes) with a project that incorporates all our core values: collaboration, health, innovation, and integrated design.

May 14, 2019

Collaboration and care

From the outset, Lea has been a model of collaboration in which unilateral considerations were subordinated to the shared goal between Spark and our client Robot Care Systems (RCS). And when we say client, in fact, we mean partner. Because, as is so often the case, the open cooperation between equal parties was a success factor. The fact that this collaboration also took place in the health sector – a sector in which we feel at home – is an added bonus.

Innovation and integrated design

An advanced robot, full of intimidating technology, which is still accepted by a critical target group, demands the utmost from your design- and innovation capacities. And the utmost is exactly what we achieved by approaching this as an integrated design. By thinking, constructing, and assessing, and then continuing to think. So that everything fits, complements and, where possible, reinforces each other.

We are extremely grateful for this Red Dot Award. To be chosen from a wide-ranging field of impressive submissions is already a celebration in itself. But, above all, this awards means we can look at each other and say: “We told you so!”