LEGO PAL-V competition: and the winner is…

LEGO PAL-V competition: and the winner is…

November 28, 2012

…Arjen and Max van Klink! Although it was difficult to choose between the nominated photos, the Spark jury decided unanimously that father and son Van Klink had submitted the best photos.

The LEGO PAL-V was admired by everyone in Max’s LEGOLAND. Max creatively captured the scene with his camera:

LEGO PAL-V Arjen en Max van Klink

“The PAL-V is flying above my 12-year-old son Max’s LEGOLAND. The aircraft wins a lot of admiration, as you can see in the second photo. It’s a nice addition to the existing modes of transport at LEGOLAND. The special qualities of the PAL-V really came across in the pursuit of two bank robbers. Flexible and fast, up to 200 km per hour. Thanks to the PAL-V the robbers were arrested quickly. Both photos were made by Max”, according to his proud dad Arjen.

Max and Arjen have been invited by Spark to take a flight in a real gyrocopter. Of course, Spark will be ready with a camera to capture the winners and their flight on film!

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