More space for creative dialogue

More space for creative dialogue

Spark is constantly innovating; but let’s not forget, this also means regularly overhauling ourselves. In fact, we’re in the middle of renovations right now. We’re growing, so we’re expanding and at the same time significantly adapting our workspace. Maarten Wilming, partner at Spark: “A change like this really does something to a business, to its culture. It might be a cliché, but it really is a breath of fresh air.”

March 12, 2020

Creative dialogue

The reorganization is focused on a number of zones, a permanent space for projects during their lifetime. A place where the team, with or without the client, can get straight down to work together, consulting, testing prototypes, and making choices without being hindered by the limitations of a computer. Wilming explains: “Digital work involves three computer screens at most, but the physical world is much bigger. When you can see 20 design sketches laid out next to each other, or you can get your hands on 10 prototypes instead of just seeing three on a screen, that does something to your thinking process. What’s more, designing is more than a question of being in the zone, thinking and creating by yourself. A key element is what you do together and the responses to each other’s ideas and insights. Everyone asks different questions. The creative dialogue – that’s what we believe in and that’s what we’re trying to stimulate.”

A little piece of Spark

The new layout also illustrates the importance that Spark attaches to durable client relations, says Wilming. “We’ve been working together with some of our clients for years. These clients actually have a little piece of Spark, among other things in the form of the people who work on their projects here, the knowledge, materials, and equipment. This new layout makes that little piece of Spark visually recognizable.”

Makers District M4H

The expansion testifies of Spark's confidence in the developments that are already in progress in the Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) district where Spark is located. In the coming years, this area will transform into a makers district, with space for residential living as well as for creative and innovative companies. Wilming: “That's why we don't just move to a larger building somewhere else in the city. We are at home here. We are very enthusiastic about the plans of the municipality of Rotterdam and the future of M4H and we want to help shape that future wherever possible.”