New colleague Rob Brekelmans

New colleague Rob Brekelmans

Sometimes we have to post a vacancy to get the right people, and sometimes they just come naturally. Our newest addition, Rob Brekelmans, is a great example of the latter.

September 12, 2019

Mastering the Elements

“I already knew Spark from my studies and from the first edition of Mastering The Elements, the workshop that Spark organizes annually. During the second edition, I already knew that I was in danger of losing my job with my former employer. That’s when I thought: For my next job I am going all out, so let’s start networking here.”

And that’s how you get to be an Industrial Design Engineer at Spark, which is what Rob has been since May. So, what exactly does it involve? “For me, the best work is actually after the concept phase. We have a concept product, but how are we going to make it? And what are we going to make it from? Solving the puzzles and the crazy, unexpected problems in order to produce the product. The product can only be so big, let’s say, but it must be able to survive a fall from an apartment block. How do we achieve that? It’s really interesting.”


“I also find the variety of projects really inspiring. The design for Eneco’s Toon originates here, but also, for example, a device to translate screen texts into braille. What really gives me energy, and that might sound like a bit of an ego-trip, is seeing a product that I’ve worked on in the shops.”

Well, Rob, on behalf of all the other ego-trippers at Spark: welcome on board!