New Postbank/ING ATM fronts

June 11, 2008

Spark has been feverishly working on developing and getting production ready for the front of the new ATM machine for ING Bank. A year from now all the old blue Postbank ATM machines will be replaced by new orange ones following the phasing out of the Postbank brand.

ing pinautomaat

More than 2000 cash machines must be replaced. Two trial cash machines have now been placed in Amsterdam and The Hague. After a short evaluation work will get under way to replace the remaining cashpoints.
Press release ANP:
Different colour cash machines
In Amsterdam the first blue Postbank cash machine is to be replaced by an orange ING Bank cashpoint. It is the first visible result of the merger between Postbank and ING Bank. The more than 2000 remaining Postbank cash machines will be replaced later this year. As of next year the Postbank brand will disappear for good.