PAL-V takes off!

PAL-V takes off!

Together, PAL-V Europe NV and Spark have made the impossible possible: on the 6th of March PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) made its first test flight at the Gilze-Rijen Airbase. With the flight of the new hybrid vehicle a dream has become reality.

April 2, 2012

Watch PAL-V’s maiden flight at the Gilze-Rijen Airbase:

Today (2 April 2012), several media turned their focus to the inaugural flight of PAL-V.

PAL-V Spark CAD-model flyingDream come true
As an innovative design office, Spark has been involved since the inception of the development of the PAL-V. Together, Director Robert Barnhoorn and promoter John Bakker have researched the technical and economic feasibility of the project and developed a prototype.

Subsequently, in close cooperation with PAL-V Europe NV, Spark developed the rotor control system, the rotor mast with the righting mechanism. Spark has made a significant contribution to the exterior design en has made the visualizations of the exterior. The innovative and functional rotor control system is the basis for the transition from driving to flying and vice versa. Raise the mast that holds the tail section and release the rotor and the PAL-V is ready for take-off. In addition, the vehicle has incredible stability and road-holding thanks to the patented tilting mechanism, based on the Carver.
PAL-V Spark CAD-model

The concept is safe, simple to control, comfortable and flexible. The vehicle is suitable for both professional use by business people or by the emergency services, who can use it in areas with minimal transport infrastructure. The Ministries of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure and the Environment are supporting this project with an eye on the technical innovation and the economic potential.

With the maiden flight of this ground-breaking flying car, Spark’s 12-year-old dream has come true.

Hybrid vehicles
Spark has been developing prototypes of ground-breaking hybrid vehicles for use on land, in the water and now also in the air for more than eighteen years. An example of this is the Carver One, a three-wheeler vehicle with the tilting sensation of a motorbike and the comfort and safety of a car.

Under the motto ‘True innovation’, Spark, together with its clients, develops breakthrough products in diverse markets.

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