The University of Groningen begins trial with M2Desk

November 3, 2011

At the end of October, the University of Groningen began a pilot project in which students and teachers will try out the M2Desk. The Spark design is a flat school desk that can be transformed, in no time, into a wireless multimedia desk.

Digital exams

In the future, teachers and students will be doing digital exams. If the test period is successful, the university will introduce the digital school desk on a larger scale, says Dennis Luiten, Director of M2Desk. ‘Groningen particularly liked the multi-functionality of the multimedia desk. They want to create spaces where it's possible to reduce paper and where you can do digital exams, and also give digital lectures, IT and evening classes. The ergonomics also score highly. After extensive research, the M2Desk appears to meet all the requirements.'

In the coming months, the University of Groningen will test 300 desks. This will very likely be followed by trials in other universities, according to Luiten. ‘There is great interest in this solution for using spaces in diverse ways'. 

M2Desk RuG

M2Desk flex