Full scale model of Scoozy on Techni-show, Utrecht, 14-17 of March

March 14, 2006

Spark design & innovation is developing an innovative concept for a new generation scoot vehicles: the Scoozy. At the Techni-Show of 14-17 March a full scale model of this vehicle will support the finals of the “Vakkanjer” games in hall 7. VMBO students will have to prove themselves by building a technical solution for the wheel suspension during the fair. The Techni-Show will take place at the same time as the ESEF2006, where you can visit Spark at stand A116 in Hal 1.


A scoot vehicle is a useful means of transport for seniors and people with reduced mobility that can be seen more and more in the Dutch street scene. However, this vehicle has a few disadvantages. For instance, it doesn’t offer any protection against bad weather conditions, the manoeuvrability and the roadability are limited and the way of getting in is not optimal. Besides scoot vehicles have dull and stigmatized looks.

Spark solved these disadvantages in the Scoozy; the alternative for all 2, 3 and 4-wheel (electric) scooters en scoot vehicles. An impression:

  • Separately operating front wheels and swerving back-wheels make it possible to manoeuvre in very small spaces.
  • Entry is on the front side of the vehicle, where a moving chair helps to lift the driver.
  • The vehicle is provided with handles that give good support when the vehicle is approached and that provide a rain cover.
  • An up to date automotive style of design.
  • The Scoozy is handy, user-friendly and comfortable for everyone. With good reason: ‘Design for all'.


See for more information concerning the game: www.jrvakkanjers.nl