A vibrant and stunning IOB 2011

November 28, 2011

‘Why on earth does a car need four wheels?' This is exactly what went through Industrial Design student Guido Jetten's mind as he tore through the streets of Delft in the Carver One. The student won a ride in the spectacular three-wheeled tilting car during the recent Industrial Design Business Days (IOB) hosted by the Technical University of Delft. You can still feel the sensation long after the ride. ‘When the car turns, the steering gets heavier. That gives you the great feeling that you are tilting the car yourself.'

Action HerocarverInspiring and vibrant
For Spark, the 2011 IOB were just as stunning and vibrant as last year's event. The life size Spark Action Hero packaging was a blast. Numerous students thronged to our stand to be immortalised as the Spark Action Hero with funky designer glasses on.

Spark's products also had a strong magnetic effect. Among others, the ClearReader+, Holmatro's winches, the EasyScan, and the iZi2Connect stimulated people's intellect and curiosity. Many students told us that they see Spark as an inspiring design office for an internship or graduation project. Or they want to come and work as a permanent or freelance colleague after graduation! For more information about jobs, graduation projects and internships at Spark see working for Spark.

IOB 2011