Spark drives the Carver at Ecomobiel Rally 2010

June 8, 2010

Spark team op Ecomobiel rallyA team from Spark joined the friendly Ecomobiel rally for sustainable vehicles on Friday 5 June. The two Spark designers drove in our very own Carver One, originally co-developed by Spark and recently purchased as our ‘company car'. The basic design of the Carver One is still relevant as a sustainability concept.

The Ecomobiel rally event was a teaser for the Ecomobiel 2010 exhibition, which will take place on September 21 and 22 in the Van Nelle Design Factory Rotterdam. The presence of Spark at this event underlines the company's commitment to the the issue of sustainable mobility.

Total Concept
This commitment goes back to the development of a sustainable total concept for the Carver One, which arose from the question: ‘How big a car does a person need?' The Carver One provides a serious alternative to the ever larger and heavier cars, which are usually only driven by one person, without compromising on comfort and performance.

By contrast, the three-wheeler vehicle can corner much faster than a regular car, thanks to the innovative active tilting mechanism. The slim lightweight cab with two seats placed behind each other has little drag and takes up little space on the road.

What does it cost?
Carver tijdens Ecomobiel rallyIt became clear just how progressive and engaging the Carver One is during the Ecomobiel rally. Several participants asked the Spark team: ‘What does it cost?' and ‘Where can I buy it?' Spark wants to use the Carver One to show people that sustainability can also be cool and sporty and can be much more than just an alternative electric or hybrid drive.

The major constraints that electric cars are known to have right now were evident during the stopovers at the Ecomobiel rally. Efforts during the afternoon to re-charge a number of electric cars at the same time resulted in the power failing. The electrical infrastructure is not yet ready for a massive shift to electric cars.

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Our Carver One in action during the 2010 Ecomobiel rally: