Spark products attract attention on the Syntens MKB innovation Top 100

Spark products attract attention on the Syntens MKB innovation Top 100

The Syntens MKB Innovation Top 100 opened in a spectacular fashion this year: entertainer and presenter Dolf Janssen arrived on stage in the PAL-V flying car. This world-renowned innovation, which Spark has been involved in from the get-go, is the perfect example to showcase what Dutch entrepreneurs have to offer.

June 30, 2013


In addition, there was another Spark product in the spotlight. The LIFEHAMMER® EVOLUTION, co-developed by Spark for Life Safety Products, reached the 22nd spot in the Top 100.

Innovation in Safety
Innovative to the LIFEHAMMER® EVOLUTION is the ‘automatic save’, the operating principle developed by Spark. Press the hammer against the side- or rear window of a car and the ultra-hard ceramic hammer head effortlessly shatters the glass. It is then ready to use again immediately. The smart safety hammer is the most user-friendly in the world, both for adults and children.

Spectacular opening
The announcement of the Top 100 took place on Wednesday the 12th of June at the Park Theatre in Eindhoven. Here, Syntens Innovation Centre, Mercedes-Benz and NRC Handelsblad presented the eighth edition of the rankings with 100 concrete innovations that have emerged from Dutch Small and Medium Enterprises. The jury judged the nominations on the basis of originality, impact, degree of protection, availability and sales potential.

In 2012 the LIFEHAMMER® product line, which the EVOLUTION is a part of, won a Red Dot Design Award.

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