A breath of fresh air in New York

March 24, 2009

In recent months our Spark-team has been strengthened by a number of bright colleagues and we’ve also taken up residence in our new studio in Rotterdam. High time then to focus attention back on each other again. So what did we do? True to our motto ‘Spark Fast Forward' we booked a trip to Hotel New York Hotel New Yorkand busied ourselved there with fundamental questions such as ‘where are we going and why?’ and ‘what can we do better?'.

What did it achieve? A breath of fresh air, literally (water taxi!) and figuratively. And more knowledge of each others talents, work needs and ambitions. And – not really very ‘Rotterdam’ - ‘improved project team members'. But then with the goal of moving swiftly from words to actions, so that we can all improve, clients and staff!