Spark wins 4 awards and the 'Special Award Respect'

October 1, 2008

Spark design & innovation took to the podium four times to receive an award at the Good Industrial Design 2008 awards. But that wasn't all, there was a fifth visit to the stage, this time for the Special Respect Award.

Spark GIO uitreiking 2008

Spark earned Good Industrial Design awards for the following products and commissions:

- Explosion-proof SmartRadar level gauge, commissioned by Honeywell Enraf.
HENK Travelfriend, commissioned by Henk.
- Digital magnifier Compact+, commissioned by Optelec.
Alva BC640, braille display and controller for the visually impaired, commissioned by Optelec.

For this last product we received the ‘Special Respect Award'. Something to be extra proud of because in this category only one prize is awarded per year. Maarten Wilming (Director): 'Receiving A Good Industrial Design award is, of course, the icing on the cake for us and for the companies we work for. The clutch of awards we picked up this year is recognition of the way we at Spark have interpreted our profession over the years: not just good design but ‘true innovation', profound product renewal. It is really good to realise that the professional jury is just as enthusiastic about this as we are and the companies we work for!