Things move fast in China

Things move fast in China

Spark partner Robert Barnhoorn travelled to Shanghai recently. Together with Daan van Eijk, professor of applied ergonomics and design at TU Delft, he gave a series of workshops and lectures at a number of companies and universities. He also took the opportunity to pay an extensive visit to the Ningbo Design Week and the China Medical Equipment Fair.

July 1, 2019


The workshop participants were both students and business people. One of the subjects was product development in the healthcare sector, one of Spark’s areas of expertise. Barnhoorn: “Among other things, I told them about the work that we are doing for Mellon and the fact that, in this case, it’s more a question of the surgeon journey than the customer journey that plays a role. Then, Daan van Eijk discussed the theory of the patient journey, as developed at TU Delft. The participants were very driven and inquisitive. A nice detail is that Daan was asked by Zhejiang University to become a professor there.”

Route 2025

The increased Chinese interest in the development of medical equipment is being driven by the so-called Route 2025. The Chinese government has set the goal that by 2025 China will be leading the way in product development for the healthcare sector. Barnhoorn: “And you really notice that. It is moving incredibly fast. There are huge investments being made. The trade fair we visited is the largest in the field of medical equipment in China. Companies that didn’t exist two years ago, so to speak, were now there with complete CAT-scan setups.”