Up, up and away with Spark

Up, up and away with Spark

Max van Klink and his father Arjen, winners of Spark’s LEGO PAL-V photo competition, took their well-earned gyrocopter flight on Saturday, 1 December. 

December 6, 2012

Gyrocoptervlucht Max van Klink

The weather forecast meant that there was a bit of uncertainty about whether the flight could go ahead, but luckily the weather gods were on their side. On the morning of the flight the winners were ready and waiting for their lesson at Lelystad Airport. After Spark Director, Robert Barnhoorn, had offered the winners his congratulations, the instruction began whilst everyone enjoyed a piece of cake. 

Flight instructor Remco van Ravenzwaaij, from Autogyro School NL, talked about the kinds of aircraft he has flown and how the autogyro school came to be established. Subsequently, he explained what a gyrocopter is and how the flying of an autogyro works. Then, it was time for them to experience it for themselves, off to the gyrocopters!

Gyrocoptervlucht uitleg

Gyrocoptervlucht Max van KlinkFully-fledged reporter
There are three generations of gyrocopters: the Mt-03, the Calidus and the Cavalon. After further explanation it was time to fly. Max (12) was up first and he got to take to the air in the Cavalon. When Max and Remco were installed in the cockpit, they departed for the ultra-light strip on the other side of the airfield for the take-off. After a flight of half an hour, the  gyrocopter landed again and Max stepped out with a big smile. Remco: “Max recorded the flight like a fully-fledged reporter.” Max says enthusiastically: “When we flew over the A6, we could see why the road was closed this morning. There was a lorry tipped over on its side on the road!” More than enough to see then...

Gyrocoptervlucht Max van Klink

Next, it was father Arjen’s turn. He too found the flight with the Cavalon fantastic. ‘Flying with a gyrocopter is unique! It’s not an aeroplane and it’s not a helicopter either, it was certainly remarkably calm and stable. Many thanks to Spark and to the pilot Remco for the flight and all the explanations!"

Gyrocoptervlucht Arjen van Klink

At the end of their day, Max and Arjen were given a maiden flight certificate as proof of their first gyrocopter flight. It was an unforgettable day!

 Gyrocoptervlucht Max van Klink certificaat  Gyrocoptervlucht Arjen van Klink certificaat

Gyrocoptervlucht Max van Klink certificaat

Max took this photo during his flight:
gyrocoptervlucht Max van Klink uitzicht

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