Won: Intelligent Vending Award

October 20, 2011

The Ultima M from Veromatic and Spark has been honoured with the prestigious Intelligent Vending Award at the Eu'Vend in Cologne. The jury of the world's biggest vending convention visited the stand with the high-tech coffee machine at the last minute, recalls operational director Marco de Wildt. ‘We had signed up on the last day. So the award was a real surprise'.

Vending award Veromatic Ultima

The jury praised the Ultima M for, among other things, its wireless connection to the internet. The apparatus can be linked with, for example, Facebook and is capable of playing commercials and corporate messages. The connection with the net also means the Ultima M is a sustainable device. The maintenance technician can change settings, troubleshoot problems and service the machine remotely. This means a lot less trips in the car. ‘There can be a saving of up to 30 per cent on travel expenses'. Ultima M Veromatic

Energy-saving quality machine
What's more, the Ultima is a quality machine with a sleek design and a hygienic and open character. Spark was commissioned by Veromatic to create this appearance with ease of use in mind. The touch screen, with clear icons, is operated intuitively. Once a choice has been made, an LED-light flashes above the correct dispensing position. The area around the dispenser comprises a lot of stainless steel. In addition, there are no seams and ridges, which means the system is easy to clean.

The Ultima also features the so-called Veromatic Intelligent Power Saving-system. After a few weeks of use, this intelligent energy-saving system learns which periods the machines is barely or not in use. In these phases the Ultima automatically switches to stand-by mode.

Another recent product from Veromatic and Spark is the Delispresso.

Veromatic with de Ultima M at RTL XL: