Welcome IRIS

Welcome IRIS

The prototype of the ZiuZ IRIS was launched at the beginning of October at the Expopharm in Düsseldorf! To much interest from customers and competitors.

October 19, 2015

Working with pharmacy bags is a solution for many patients; this way, they can always take the right medicine at the right time. IRIS is the latest product from ZiuZ Medical, which ensures that the bags go through the necessary inspection once they have been filled. Iris focuses on pharmacies. This very compact device can be easily placed on a table and so there is room for it in every pharmacy.

We created an integrated design process for the development of the IRIS. The core technology and the strengths of ZiuZ are applied to the IRIS in a user-friendly way. The new look & feel gives the product a reliable and professional profile. Risk management in the design process is essential for medical devices. By testing sub-systems early and comprehensively, we developed a reliable product in a short time.

CEO Gerrit Baarda: “An important step in the development of ZiuZ medical. We had already set the market standard for pharmacy bag inspection with the Photon high volume inspection device. With the IRIS, we have developed a smaller device that guarantees the same level of quality for retail, pharmacists and hospitals. We are proud that we can also offer our ‘state of the art’ technology to users.”